Top 3 Art News Blogs to Follow Online

There are many art news blogs out there that are all calling for your attention. If you are an art lover, narrowing down to a specific art news website to follow can prove challenging. In this post, we seek to make that task easier for you. We review some of the top art news blogs that you can read today.

1. Hyperallergic

A funny name but a great art news blog all the same. This blog is one of the leading art news blogs on the internet today. Here, you can expect to see up to nine posts every single day. The blog is also a place for interesting and eye-opening conversations about the art industry and the trends. This blog is a reliable source of art news for anyone looking to stay abreast with happenings in this industry.

2. ARTnews Magazine

ARTnews Magazine happens to be the oldest art news blog on the internet. This site is an authoritative source of the most current art news. Additionally, it has an extensive network of correspondents from different parts of the world who help in timely and thorough reporting on the art industry. Experts on the magazine also offer a critical analysis of art and expert opinions on new and established artists and their work. As a follower of this blog, you will stay up to date with up to eleven posts daily.

3. Street Art News

Are you a fan of street art? This blog will serve your needs for news on street and urban art news well. The site prides itself in being an authoritative figure on matters of street art. Expect to see the best captions and critic of the most exquisite street and urban art. As a fan on the blog, you can expect to see one post daily.