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Issue #7, Winter 2010
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Issue #6, Winter 2007
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PDF Tessa Laird, "But where is the white monkey?"
Tessa Laird found herself getting quite hot under the collar during a recent trip to Paris. Trauma! The incident involved some white monkeys, or possibly their absence. You decide. The setting was the Musée du Quai Branly. Trauma! As an institution, the MQB is clearly resting far too comfortably on its liberal European laurels. Intrepid as ever, Tessa took a squizz and came up with some simple advice for them which they and their ilk should follow, immediately.
PDF Dan Arps, "Outreach"
Suburbs are ridden with problems and so are those that seek refuge from their upbringing in them, but it's not hopeless you know. Get involved! Do something for others. Lift a finger! Believe in something! Spread the word… Dan Arps, Auckland artist and Natsi co-editor, has been quite taken with these terrible internet documents of human travails and aspirations of the most poignant kind. The vulnerability risked by these souls, and the fan-boy costumes, the hopeful gatherings, the Juliet windows, the weird conjunction of futuristic and the historical (anywhere but here and now?)… Do try this at home.
PDF Mark von Schlegell, "Robert Smithson SF"
Mark von Schlegell sent us this shocking exposé. Reading between the lines, it appears that Robert Smithson was the secret founder of Scientology, or that the church emerged from an ideological battle between a handful of spaced-out artists, SF writers and camp evangelicals. Is there a difference? Not necessarily, see, and that's something we don't know enough about. Except for Dan Graham, he's got the grass on everything.
PDF Dane Mitchell, "Sense And Sanitation"
The home can be a filthy place, there's danger lurking on every horizontal surface, your only hope is eternal vigilance. Thanks to Dane Mitchell's sensible advice, now you have something to study during those quiet moments you might otherwise spend worrying about whether you should wash your hands, again. We are very pleased to present Dane's first issue of Sense And Sanitation, a cautionary tale.
PDF Jess Whyte, "This is not Australia"
Jess Whyte sent us a report on the role of the camp and its position as one of the cornerstones of White Australia's present operations as a nation-state. You already know it isn't pretty, here are some of the details. Jess adds her thoughts on bare life and the figure of homo sacer to those of Agamben, looking at the vulnerable position of the immigrant in contemporary Australia and other societies that consider themselves too civilised to allow such conditions to develop.
PDF Layla Rudneva-Mackay, "Education Stories"
An audio file! Layla Rudneva-Mackay shares some Education Stories with us. Pay attention! Especially if you're a white male middle-class academic working in an art institution in Dunedin. Or a creepy ignorant high school teacher who finds teenage girls make you angry.
PDF Scott Redford, "PHOTO: Sculpture, Theatre etc…"
Lock up your fathers, Scott Redford is back! Herr Redford was in Melbourne recently for a show called PHOTO: Sculpture, Theatre etc… and like everyone else here, seems to have an axe to grind. Trauma! Finally some honesty about affect and the aesthetics of convenience in contemporary art. You heard it here first from the Queen of the Gold Coast.
PDF Matthew Shannon, "On the capacity for the Queen of Australia to be replaced by a CGI avatar"
Speaking of queens, Matthew Shannon's been doing some good thinking on how to solve that monarchy problem Australia can't seem to get past—without cutting off anybody's head. It's really easy to replace her with a CGI avatar actually, as you'll discover.
PDF Mercedes Vicente, "Darcy Lange: Work Studies in Schools (1976-1977)"
Sleepwalking backwards into the Web 2.0 world, Natural Selection's first ever video-on-demand offerings are here! Mercedes Vicente selected some videos from Darcy Lange's Work Studies in Schools project so now you can watch this great black and white grainy 70s footage from the comfort of your own home. Mercedes also gives us some of her thoughts on Darcy Lange's practice and as a special treat you can read those in Spanish too. And you thought you knew everything there is to know about the DL.
PDF Simon Denny & Tahi Moore, "I feel optimistic"
Simon Denny & Tahi Moore are feeling optimistic. There is a lot of optimism in denim these days, for those of you who didn't know. There is a prize offered too, for the first reader who cracks the code.
PDF Katie Holten, "Solution"
Our favourite itinerant artist Katie Holten has been trying to solve the time/space/resources/etc. problem, and here's one very practical solution she sent in. It has the added bonus of being able to be used to keep little animals warm, or to reduce the harsh effects of frosts on young plants, if you put the off-cuts through a shredder or better still, slice those off-cuts into thin strips by hand. See if you can get all the strips to be exactly the same width with straight edges, without looking.
PDF et al., "Maintenance of Social Solidarity – Stage Three"
We asked et al. about it all, and this is what they were willing to reveal at this stage. We couldn't agree more, and will be distributing the fruits of their research into the maintenance of social solidarity until further notice. If you are German, pay special attention. You may have in fact been studied at close range, without having noticed a thing.
PDF The School of Hard Knocks, "Free PhDs, only while stocks last"
The School of Hard Knocks is finally here to solve your problems with educational institutions. Just say no! Instead, have one of our free PhDs, available over the internet while stocks last. To enrol, submit your thesis by email (must be at least 25 words in length). We will certify you and send you your PhD when we are satisfied that you have completed the requirements of the course. This usually takes about 48 hours. Don't forget to tell us what you are a specialist in and no, we won't send you a hard copy. That would be cheating.
PDF Joel Mesler, "A soldier's etiquette"
Joel Mesler's got an axe to grind too. Here's his letter to the LA Times about ethnicity, partisan journalism, a soldier's etiquette.
PDF Sean O'Reilly & Rachel Shearer, "Fakerie and other heavens…"
More SF (and lovely midget), this time from Sean O'Reilly and Rachel Shearer. Fakerie and other heavens… In admirably secretive fashion, this biting hoarded missive was published in a sound-ancillary publication that was hard to get and not announced. We felt that it was impossible to blow this work's cover as it is certainly a veritable ill wind blowing tumble weeds down your post-acid corridors. In other words it is inter-dimensional and slippery enough to not need that much privacy.
PDF Damien Lawson & Kylie Wilkinson, "empty land"
More bare life – shock! The pretty Antipodes as a veritable nudist colony of postcolonial real (e)state apparatus suck. Damien Lawson & Kylie Wilkinson sent us a brief history of bare life in Australia, a chilling list of Australia's legislation of bare life. There is a history to the recent political conditions for immigrants and other vulnerable persons in Australia today, and this is a good introduction to it.
PDF Ludwig Wittgenstein, "Mr. Do Not Attempt To Analyse Your Inner Experiences"
Ludwig Wittgenstein!! Yes, Ludwig sent us a doodle of Mr. Do Not Attempt To Analyse Your Inner Experiences, a kind of colouring in template for under 5s. Give it to your kids, it's the best advice they may ever get. If you're over 30 you're probably old enough to regret not being told this as a child yourself. It's OK to colour it in yourself, just don't steal any crayons from under 5s, it's kind of against the spirit of the exercise.
PDF Rob Mckenzie, "In defense of experimentation"
Rob McKenzie's been thinking about living dangerously and here are his thoughts on some writing that extols-slash-legitimises risk. Drug and consequence takers are posited as the advance scouts that effect societal transformations that chickenshits then sit nervously in, unaware, worrying about household security and premature aging and those freaking irritating luxury problems that keep most people working all the time in order to have money to throw at these "problems".
PDF Spiros Panigirakis, "Baubles, blood and bushes"
And if you didn't get it by now, here is more. Lots of bare life this issue, spotted here in an oblique weave through some of Spiros Panigirakis' recent thinking on gay hate crime, art/agitprop, homophobic enculturation in the class-room, sex in bushes and well, see for yourself!
PDF Amelia Harris, "Amelia Harris – Fine Art 1998-2005"
Lady Amelia Harris, the patron saint of forgiveness, shows you how it's done. It's a true story and we thought you needed to see it all. So next time you're wondering what to do about a problem large or small, start with forgiveness. She did, and Amelia Harris – Fine Arts 1998-2005 records the ray of hope that she became for all those hopeless art students, academics and hapless bystanders that took their books back to the Fine Arts library after the due date. If you work in a library please accept a round of applause from the Natural Selection editors and we imagine, most of our readers. Without forgiveness we would all have been more heavily fined than was in fact the case. This is possibly the most important thing you can learn in a Fine Art library, we'll tell you that for nothing.
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After a hiatus Natural Selection returns with:

Issue #7
Guest edited by Judy Darragh, Fiona Gillmore and Louise Menzies, this new edition of the magazine brings together contributions from: Alexis Hunter, Allan Smith, Amy Howden-Chapman, Ani O'Neill, Asumi Mizuo, Beth O'Brien, Chris Kraus, Ema Tavola, Fiona Connor, Fiona Gillmore, Fiona Jack, Francis Upritchard, Gwyn Porter, Jan Bryant, Jessica Stockholder, Judy Darragh, Kah Bee Chow, Kate Newby, Kirsty Cameron, Laura Preston, Layla Rudneva-Mackay, Lisa Crowley, Louise Menzies, Liz Maw, Maddie Leach, Mikala Dwyer, Narrow Gauge, Nicola Farquhar, Nina Hoechtl, Rachel Shearer, Rosanna Albertini, Roxanne Hawthorne, Ruth Buchanan, Sandra Kassenaar, Sarah Hopkinson, Saskia Leek, Sriwhana Spong, Tessa Laird, et al.

Guest designed by Fiona Gillmore, Issue #7 will be released online and as a special print version complete with individual covers, poster and slip. Limited to 35 copies only the print edition is available through SPLIT/FOUNTAIN while stocks last.
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