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Issue #7, Winter 2010
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Issue #6, Winter 2007
Overcoming Loathing: Pamphlet Series
Issue #5, Summer 2006
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PDF Chris Chapman wrote us a story, and an essay about young guys who post their pictures on the internet, masculinity, the artistic representation of the persona of the adolescent male, and transcendence.
PDF Stephen Zepke has written outstandingly on alien arrival films such as in terms of "an ethics, and a politics of the alien as such." This canny application of Alain Badiou's writings turns these films into a trip about "thought's genesis in an alien arrival."
PDF Charlotte Craw, a firm believer that space is the place investigates Sriwhana Spong's recent show at the Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland, Muttnik.
PDF James Lynch writes about Macquarie Fields, disaffection (to put it mildly), and Fergus Binns' show at Uplands in Melbourne.
PDF Amy Chapman-Howden supplied us with a poem about a travel writer's trip to the jungle.
PDF The CLUBSproject board have shared with us their how-to instructions for a feedback session.
PDF Michael Farrell gives us the vestiges of theatre, namely the script of his play 'A to he' that was enacted at CLUBSproject recently as part of Spiro Panigirakis' show, 'With'.
PDF Andre Lee (Wellington) has written a hymn to Duff from Guns 'n Roses via a sort of review of Velvet Revolver's Contraband.
PDF Bianca Hester on Chris Hill's happy hard haunted haus project at CLUBSproject inc and its radical openness: "It's a diagram of micro-liberation" !
PDF David Craig reports from Michael Stevenson's raft carve-up in Aachen.
PDF Andrew Goodman considers Justine Khamara's Legion show at TCB in Melbourne in "The Gaze of Medusa".
PDF Bek Coogan gives us an untitled drawing from the Sheville series (felt pen on paper, 2005). [Sometimes called Coogz, she presently lives in an almost cave in Wellington, although she often feels like she's more from the Mesa of Lost Women. As well as a few key skills she also has a lusty admiration for nature and saying fuck it. Mostly she makes drawings and art vids.]
PDF Cassandra Barnett reports from a conference in Bradford called 'The Ethics and Politics of Virtuality and Indexicality'
PDF Daniel Malone charts a course across the seas of Auckland artist Ralph Paine's work.
PDF Lisa Benson surveys Six orbits around the blue moon, a show curated by Nadine Christensen and James Lynch for Ramp in Hamilton.
PDF Ian-john Hutchinson has assembled for us an mp3 compilation from Nippon. This page lists the contents and gives visual references - the mp3 is available by clicking the link on the page. [I'm a time-based artist, interested in utterance-objects and things made with the mouth. While living in Taiwan I made an UTTERbook (book/CD) which was available from rm103 gallery. A current project involves the recording of people's memories of electronic announcements (アナンス) in Japan.]
PDF Sue Cramer reports back about A Constructed World's Unconditional Regard, their recent get-together at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces.
PDF Auckland-based artist Rachel O'Neill has been doing drawings based on 70s car ads and 16th century data from travelogues. [Rachel O'Neill is an Auckland based-artist and writer who will be a Wellington-based artist and writer next year. She is co-editor of Crease Magazine and unreservedly enjoys doing things on a daily basis.]
PDF Cameron Bain's poem was brought in on a stretcher, laden with ripening apples, "A life of privileged disgrace".
PDF Chloe Lane writes about a dialogue with the ebullient Auckland artist Simon Denny.
PDF Emma Bugden reports in from Finland, where she has recently been on a NIFCA research residency, via Populism at the temporary Stedelijk in Amsterdam.
PDF mj kjarr reviews the Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey's album, the worst record of all time he thinks.
PDF James Deutsher sent us extracts from the journal he has kept of his gardening activities.
PDF Olivia Barrett writes about the Plant Transplant performance she and the aforementioned James did for the Remedy series at VCA, Melbourne.
PDF The last word goes to the collective article Ann Stephen has organized - a crowd discussion of something Ian Burn said about originality.
PDF Magazine-within-a-magazine insert: zine put together by Christopher L G Hill, originally for "Freedom from Prosperity" at David Pestorius Project, Brisbane, but not limited to that. Featuring Jane Caught, Matthew Brown, Helen Johnson, Rob McKenzie, Christopher L G Hill and Kain Picken with Jason and Ruth at work.
PDF The Starving Artists Fund: feeding creativity - and offering the funding you need to make your art dream come true!
Issue #4, Autumn 2005
Issue #3, Summer 2005
Issue #2, Winter 2004
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After a hiatus Natural Selection returns with:

Issue #7
Guest edited by Judy Darragh, Fiona Gillmore and Louise Menzies, this new edition of the magazine brings together contributions from: Alexis Hunter, Allan Smith, Amy Howden-Chapman, Ani O'Neill, Asumi Mizuo, Beth O'Brien, Chris Kraus, Ema Tavola, Fiona Connor, Fiona Gillmore, Fiona Jack, Francis Upritchard, Gwyn Porter, Jan Bryant, Jessica Stockholder, Judy Darragh, Kah Bee Chow, Kate Newby, Kirsty Cameron, Laura Preston, Layla Rudneva-Mackay, Lisa Crowley, Louise Menzies, Liz Maw, Maddie Leach, Mikala Dwyer, Narrow Gauge, Nicola Farquhar, Nina Hoechtl, Rachel Shearer, Rosanna Albertini, Roxanne Hawthorne, Ruth Buchanan, Sandra Kassenaar, Sarah Hopkinson, Saskia Leek, Sriwhana Spong, Tessa Laird, et al.

Guest designed by Fiona Gillmore, Issue #7 will be released online and as a special print version complete with individual covers, poster and slip. Limited to 35 copies only the print edition is available through SPLIT/FOUNTAIN while stocks last.
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Natural Selection is an Australasian art reviews magazine edited by Gwynneth Porter and Dan Arps, and based in Auckland, New Zealand. Designed by Warren Olds, it is an online magazine distributed as a PDF that people can print out and assemble as a craft project.

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