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Issue #7, Winter 2010
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Issue #6, Winter 2007
Overcoming Loathing: Pamphlet Series
Issue #5, Summer 2006
Issue #4, Autumn 2005
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PDF Rob McKenzie's "1-8".
PDF Tony Schwensen on his stay in New York.
PDF Fiona Bate's "Sacrificial Mutilation & Interspecies Love in Contemporary Art".
PDF Nick Austin on his great-aunt's 80th birthday dinner.
PDF Matthew Hyland's "The teeth of the underdog's saw".
PDF Page-art courtesy of Kate Newby.
PDF Simon Ingram in the shed with Hany Armanious.
PDF Terrence Handscomb on the medical arts in Los Angeles.
PDF Helen Johnston on Nick Mangan.
PDF Dave Keating on Bob Ross.
PDF Megan Dunn interviews Amanda Newall.
PDF Chris Chapman on Stuart Bailey.
PDF Gwynneth Porter questions Warren Olds about the "Publications without limits" Art Forum Berlin session.
PDF The fruits of one of Saskia Leek and Violet Faigan's telepathic drawing sessions. This one was conducted over the phone.
PDF Dianne Peacock and Charlotte Hallows talk about their shows at Westspace.
PDF Jennifer French on Ann Shelton's Govett-Brewster show, "a kind of sleep".
PDF Brigid Magner on "merde on the dancefloor" at MIR11.
PDF Lucas Ihlein on Sydney's MJWF and SquatFest.
PDF Debbie Orum on "Remember New Zealand" at the Sao Paulo Bienal/Artspace, Auckland.
PDF Documentation of Matthew Griffin's 2004 performance assisted by drunken VCA students singing "We were the world".
PDF Simone Ewenson on Yeb Wiersma.
PDF Chloe Lane on the Chinese lantern festival, group shows, and the latest Crease launch.
PDF Justene Williams' "Shirthead" page-art.
PDF Narelle Jubellin's "Block of notes" page-art.
PDF Magazine-within-a-magazine: the complete set of The Rautangi Reader, the cul-de-sac newsletter Dane Mitchell ran while in residence in Rautangi Road, Mt Eden, Auckland.
PDF Magazine-within-a-magazine too: the first and possibly only edition of Special magazine published by Auckland's Special gallery.
PDF Little Babylon wants you!
Issue #3, Summer 2005
Issue #2, Winter 2004
Issue #1, Summer 2004

ISSN 1176-6808

After a hiatus Natural Selection returns with:

Issue #7
Guest edited by Judy Darragh, Fiona Gillmore and Louise Menzies, this new edition of the magazine brings together contributions from: Alexis Hunter, Allan Smith, Amy Howden-Chapman, Ani O'Neill, Asumi Mizuo, Beth O'Brien, Chris Kraus, Ema Tavola, Fiona Connor, Fiona Gillmore, Fiona Jack, Francis Upritchard, Gwyn Porter, Jan Bryant, Jessica Stockholder, Judy Darragh, Kah Bee Chow, Kate Newby, Kirsty Cameron, Laura Preston, Layla Rudneva-Mackay, Lisa Crowley, Louise Menzies, Liz Maw, Maddie Leach, Mikala Dwyer, Narrow Gauge, Nicola Farquhar, Nina Hoechtl, Rachel Shearer, Rosanna Albertini, Roxanne Hawthorne, Ruth Buchanan, Sandra Kassenaar, Sarah Hopkinson, Saskia Leek, Sriwhana Spong, Tessa Laird, et al.

Guest designed by Fiona Gillmore, Issue #7 will be released online and as a special print version complete with individual covers, poster and slip. Limited to 35 copies only the print edition is available through SPLIT/FOUNTAIN while stocks last.
About us:

Natural Selection is an Australasian art reviews magazine edited by Gwynneth Porter and Dan Arps, and based in Auckland, New Zealand. Designed by Warren Olds, it is an online magazine distributed as a PDF that people can print out and assemble as a craft project.

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