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Issue #7, Winter 2010
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Issue #6, Winter 2007
Overcoming Loathing: Pamphlet Series
Issue #5, Summer 2006
Issue #4, Autumn 2005
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PDF Three unpublished gems from the late great Australian artist Mike Brown. Vitalist wreckings, they channel the universe and ergo have vast revolutionary potential.
PDF Julian Kücklich on Manhunt, a video game banned in New Zealand for its graphic sexual violence and do-what-you-are-told format. But are videogames really evil?
PDF Artist Madeline Kidd remembers life and times at the Canberra art school and Canberra émigrés in Melbourne.
PDF Matthew Hyland's "Disasters of Peace" rattles your chains - beware the peace of the grave.
PDF Simon Cuming shows off snaps from his six-week printmaking residency at the Nagasawa Art Park in Japan. Starring discarded ceramic sculptures, rock in the form of band IQ21, samurai, mushrooms, temples - all in a montage fashion.
PDF Dan Arps interviews Wellington artist Tao Wells. The two converse about... well they just talked shop really. Oh, and by the way, difficulty is your friend.
PDF Ralph Paine gives what could be called an anarcho-futurist left response to the seabed and foreshore debate, pitching a tent in an area of language between common and proper names, imagining a society beyond the capitalist meantime.
PDF Elizabeth Pulie and Luke Parker introduce their section of NS: a space opened for Sydney artists to contribute in any form they wished. And this is the fruit the tree did bear.
PDF Sophie Coombs, Envie De Sortir/Avontuurnuk, Spannend, Mysterieus En...Romantisch, 2004
PDF Sarah Goffman, Artists I've met in Sydney, since 1990, whose names I remember and whose work I know, 2004
PDF David Griggs, We Must Live in a Very Sick Society, 2003; No Head for History, 2003 (this work was censored and removed from Sydney Opera House Studio Foyer). Images courtesy Kaliman Gallery and the artist
PDF Robert Pulie, Untitled, 2004
PDF John Spiteri, Die Another Day, 2003; Riviera, 2004; Three of a Kind, 2004. Images courtesy Kaliman Gallery and the artist
PDF Maria Cruz, Taxi Drivers Wanted All Shifts Available; 2004
PDF Mikala Dwyer, I Maybe You (1-3), Hamburger Bahnhof National Galerie, Berlin, 2003
PDF Jay Balbi, After the Fact 1, 2, 3, 2004
PDF Flaps - Raquel Ormella & Regina Walter - Places I lost my keys; Places I lost my wallet; People who can't use chopsticks, 2004
PDF Elvis Richardson, Dedications, 2004.
PDF George Pizer, Anal Putty (Pink) and Anal Putty (Brown), 2004
PDF Scott Redford tells us what he would do with the Biennale of Sydney. It involves, for starters, the Billabong headquarters moving to Sydney, and moving the Biennale of Sydney to Surfers Paradise.
PDF Jane Polkinghorne reports about the Australian show-on-the-road Junket as seen in Tijuana, Mexico.
PDF Amy Howden-Chapman on drawing, animals, and new spaces in Wellington.
PDF Louise Tullett on The Bed You Lie In and Milky Way Bar and the creepy phenomenon of the emergent artist.
PDF Judith Ellison reports on a recent Cologne showing of non-pat Australian artist Tony Clark's painting. The Charles I painting that illustrates this piece is maybe a reminder of what happens to people who dissolve parliament one too many times...
PDF Daniel du Bern on the City Gallery Wellington's bi- then tri-annual New Zealand art survey show Telecom Prospect 2004 and its resemblance to the olde forme that is the cornucopia.
PDF Emily Cormack on the amazingly curator-centric "Panning for Gold" curatorial symposium held in Wellington as a companion to Prospect 2004.
PDF Ross P. Kettle provided us with a cartoon: "Opening of Telecom Prospect 2004".
PDF And the last word goes to Fiona Gilmore, New Zealand artist on sabbatical in foreign climes, who sent us a South American riddle. Put that in your pipe and smoke it...
Issue #2, Winter 2004
Issue #1, Summer 2004

ISSN 1176-6808

After a hiatus Natural Selection returns with:

Issue #7
Guest edited by Judy Darragh, Fiona Gillmore and Louise Menzies, this new edition of the magazine brings together contributions from: Alexis Hunter, Allan Smith, Amy Howden-Chapman, Ani O'Neill, Asumi Mizuo, Beth O'Brien, Chris Kraus, Ema Tavola, Fiona Connor, Fiona Gillmore, Fiona Jack, Francis Upritchard, Gwyn Porter, Jan Bryant, Jessica Stockholder, Judy Darragh, Kah Bee Chow, Kate Newby, Kirsty Cameron, Laura Preston, Layla Rudneva-Mackay, Lisa Crowley, Louise Menzies, Liz Maw, Maddie Leach, Mikala Dwyer, Narrow Gauge, Nicola Farquhar, Nina Hoechtl, Rachel Shearer, Rosanna Albertini, Roxanne Hawthorne, Ruth Buchanan, Sandra Kassenaar, Sarah Hopkinson, Saskia Leek, Sriwhana Spong, Tessa Laird, et al.

Guest designed by Fiona Gillmore, Issue #7 will be released online and as a special print version complete with individual covers, poster and slip. Limited to 35 copies only the print edition is available through SPLIT/FOUNTAIN while stocks last.
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Natural Selection is an Australasian art reviews magazine edited by Gwynneth Porter and Dan Arps, and based in Auckland, New Zealand. Designed by Warren Olds, it is an online magazine distributed as a PDF that people can print out and assemble as a craft project.

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