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Issue #7, Winter 2010
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Overcoming Loathing: Pamphlet Series
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PDF Sriwhana Spong, and A.D. Schierning write accounts of their ex-boyfriend Daniel Malone's malone@artspace at Artspace, Auckland.
PDF Michael Morley wrote us a picture about the work of Giovanni Intra, RIP monkeyface.
PDF Ken Bolton sent us a poetic review of the work of Guy Auty, Australian critic.
PDF Emma Bugden writes about a Nikki Winnichuck performance at Enjoy, the Wellington project space. The social situation established is eerily akin to some of those set up in her own performances...
PDF "Judge" Judy Darragh gives us a brief account of a particular event as it unfolded at the opening of Nine Lives at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki.
PDF Louise Popplewell interviewed Carla Cescon on the occasion of her show at Michael Lett in Auckland.
PDF Lisa Kelly and Ruark Lewis reviewed Gail Hastings' recent showing at The Cross Art Projects in Kings Cross, Sydney.
PDF James Lynch writes a heart-felt account of the spooky political climate in the Melbourne art school he teaches at, the Victorian College of the Arts.
PDF Astrid Mania reviews a recent showing of New Zealand non-resident David Hatcher's in Germany.
PDF Pippa Sanderson writes up on Kim Paton's show at Enjoy, Wellington. She also pulled an account from her archives of two shows at the Adam Art Gallery – a curated show called Practice, and an instalment of David Clegg's Imaginary Museums.
PDF Tessa Laird wrote many notes during the proceedings of the Cultural Provocation conference in Auckland, and here is a portion of that material collated.
PDF Dave Morison on Masato Takasaka and Justin Andrews' residency at 200 Gertrude Street.
PDF jasperjhons ponders a Sarah Ormsby show at the HSP, and ends up relating it to Stevie Nicks.
PDF Mia Van der Rohe reviews the Holiday resort issue of the great Melbourne-based magazine Pataphysics.
PDF Jürgen Villers gives us a philosopher's account of the exhibition The Sky's the Limit that featured works of homegirl Yvonne Todd and homeboys Andrew McLeod, Peter Robinson and David Hatcher.
PDF Alex Gawronski tells us about a panel discussion he was involved in at the MCA in Sydney about artist-curator dynamics.
PDF Gwynneth Porter with a rambling account of experiences in Venice, of some shows she has seen - Louise Weaver's, Hany Armanious', Come In, Entropy in Reverse, the Elam open day, etc.
PDF Rob McKenzie writes to us from Melbourne about art in fluoro colours.
PDF Scott Redford has considered his visit to Venice and has some very salient things to say on the Antipodeans-at-the-Biennale scenario.
PDF Honorary home-girl Anya Buechele reviews winter in London (editors' interpretation).
PDF Dan Arps writes up the Ronnie van Hout survey I've Abandoned Me at the Auckland Art Gallery.
PDF The Bio-Power Digest is an organ of the esteemed New Zealand non-pat agitator Matthew Hyland. He may be a resident of Hackney, but his prose is never hackneyed. The first two issues arrived to the Natural Selection offices by email, and we thought far, far too few people received it. Modesty is a virtue, but silence turns even the truth to poison, thus spoke Zarathustra... So, here they are, with a brand new third issue. Quel scoop!

ISSN 1176-6808

After a hiatus†Natural Selection returns with:

Issue #7
Guest edited by Judy Darragh, Fiona Gillmore and Louise Menzies, this new edition of the magazine brings together contributions from: Alexis Hunter, Allan Smith, Amy Howden-Chapman, Ani O'Neill, Asumi Mizuo, Beth O'Brien, Chris Kraus, Ema Tavola, Fiona Connor, Fiona Gillmore, Fiona Jack, Francis Upritchard, Gwyn Porter, Jan Bryant, Jessica Stockholder, Judy Darragh, Kah Bee Chow, Kate Newby, Kirsty Cameron, Laura Preston, Layla Rudneva-Mackay, Lisa Crowley, Louise Menzies, Liz Maw, Maddie Leach, Mikala Dwyer, Narrow Gauge, Nicola Farquhar, Nina Hoechtl, Rachel Shearer, Rosanna Albertini, Roxanne Hawthorne, Ruth Buchanan, Sandra Kassenaar, Sarah Hopkinson, Saskia Leek, Sriwhana Spong, Tessa Laird, et al.

Guest designed by Fiona Gillmore, Issue #7 will be released online and as a special print version complete with individual covers, poster and slip. Limited to 35 copies only the print edition is available through SPLIT/FOUNTAIN while stocks last.
About us:

Natural Selection is an Australasian art reviews magazine edited by Gwynneth Porter and Dan Arps, and based in Auckland, New Zealand. Designed by Warren Olds, it is an online magazine distributed as a PDF that people can print out and assemble as a craft project.

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