Best Art Magazines and Publications to Follow in 2020

Anyone in the art circle knows the importance of always being in the know. To ensure this, you will need to stay updated on the latest news while learning a lot about the history of art and art reviews. Here are top publications around art and art reviews that will keep you informed.

Apollo Magazine

Though its headquarters are in London, Apollo Magazine is an internationally recognised publication. The magazine contains a lot of information, especially from exclusive interviews with artists, collectors and curators. You can also catch the publication’s blogs twice a day for daily updates.

ART News Magazine

This is the world’s oldest art magazine which has been in circulation for the longest time. One can find news on personalities, art, trends and events in the art world. The magazine has a lively voice, giving life to provocative and stimulating information. Everything you find here has been thoroughly investigated and reviewed. Above it all, it is entertaining to the reader.


Since its launch in 2002, the magazine has become a place to collect information on international art and culture. You will find the best of contemporary art, photography, designs, music, film, art: festivals and performances. You can subscribe to its daily posts by visiting its website on

Artists Network Magazine

This magazine looks out to empower artists by providing knowledge, techniques and inspiration to inspire them to work towards attaining their dreams and visions. The founders believe that everyone has an artistic part that needs to be set on fire. By connecting with people through publications and events, every creative’s possibility is placed in a believer’s hand.

Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

This magazine seeks to provide information to art enthusiasts on representational sculptures, painting, prints and drawings. The magazine includes both American and European contemporary and historical work.